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A new perspective for the dairy ecosystem

MooMe for the Dairy industry: Advisors

Field Advisors: we empower your management of dairy farmers with a set of professional tools. we provide you with real-time data, KPIs, and predictions about reproduction, calving, and more, so you gave the best advice ever for your farmers.

Milk Collecting Center(MCC) Advisor: we empower your management of MCCs with a set of professional tools. We provide you with real-time data, KPIs, and predictions about milk storage conditions, analysis results, and more.

MooMe for Finance Instituations

Are you an insurance company or a banker? 

Have you ever thought about introducing Farmer Management practices and Livestock KPIs as New Inputs for Risk Management on Loans and/or Insurances? If not, MooMe is the place to be for helping you in this task.

MooMe for Animal Nutrition Industry

Increase your time to market product with reduced Time to Data to 24H Through Rumination and Physical Activity measurement. 

Pre-launching: More accurate, reliable and fast test thanks to the new data that we provide you and on which you can base your analysis 

Post-launching: having a proactive outlook on the performance of your product before it is released; We guarantee your success

MooMe for Veterinarians

You will be warned of problematic cows even before the farmer! MooMe helps you to better manage your daily work through generating alerts in case of detected healths problems.

MooMe for Cattle Inseminators

Manage more farmers with less effort! MooMe provides you with a scheduled planner of all inseminations planned for the upcoming months. No better way to organize your work!

Milk Collecting Centers Solution (MCC's)

The role of our technology is to save the compressor’s energy and preserve the milk’s  quality. 

Our detection system ensures that the manager is notified of any defect during the cooling process and the cleaning of milk tanks.

MooMe for Animal Pharmaceutical Industry

Need to test your product performance and save time? Rapidly Measure the impact of new drugs and Animal Hygienic Products? 

MooMe provides you with efficient and accurate tests based on Rumination data: Fast and Efficient results


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