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Scaling up dairy farmers in Africa & Asia

Management Software for Dairy Farmers

Discover our dairy herd management software. Save time while optimizing your results! Our management software eases the analysis of your herd data by highlighting problematic cows: cows at risk of mastitis, cows without visible heat …

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  • Herd management: Automatic Grouping, Health Notes & actions reminders, Pedigree records,…
  • Reproduction management: Automatic reproduction cycle management (Calvings, Insemination Reminders, Pregnancy checks, Drying
  • Milk Production management. Production and Milk Income, Individual Milk controls with reminders
  • Inventory management: Feed Inventory Management, Other farm items
  • Feed Consumption
  • Other income & costs management
  • Dashboard
    • Farm economics: Milk cost per liter, Feed costs per animal, Feed costs per group
    • Feed and fodder: Feed consumption per animal / group, Crude protein and dry matter consumption per animal / group
    • Milk production evolution graphs
    • Reproduction performances
    • Health KPIs
  • Reports and analysis
    • Performance reports: Herd, Reproduction, Financials

Cow Collar for Heat and disease detection

Rumination metrics and alerts ensure that you are always armed with clear insights to make the best decisions for your cows. 

Using a MooMe collar will reduce vet costs, boost your cow health and protect your herd.

Heat Stress Management Solution

Heat stress increases energy deficits and decreases milk production and reproductive capacity, resulting in economic losses to the farmer.

THI MooMe System has proven to be an effective tool for evaluating the welfare of dairy cows.


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